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Your Captain: Joey Price

I have spent the passed  10 years of my life bass fishing twelve different states around the United States. With thousands and thousands of hours on the California Delta, I am confident that I can meet whatever needs and questions you have as a fisherman! I am also USCG certified with an OUPV license and have a Wildlife and Fisheries degree from Clemson University.

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    Toxic Baits

Very rarely do hard baits come out that work anywhere in the country. The Heddon super spook, the wiggle wart, and the rat-l-trap; the list goes on and on. However, I can guarantee Toxic baits can be added to this list. The bluegill is one of the Largemouth Bass' favorite forage. This is why both the whippersnapper and the Wade Hoggs have become so successful all over the world. They flat out catch em' !


These baits are born and raised in Oakley, California, and should be a staple in your arsenal. If you plan on fishing the California Delta often, I strongly suggest you give these baits a try. Click the link below to check out Toxic Baits!

Toxic Baits
The California Delta

The California Delta - Best Bass Fisheries

The California Delta is one of this countries best bass fisheries. This is often reflected in Bassmaster Magazine, as this river is usually one of the top five fisheries in the nation.


The California Delta specializes in power fishing shallow water. I have never in my life experienced a place quite like it, and I have been lucky enough to grow up to learn it. Although shallow power fishing is a must, Delta bass act and feed like a whole different breed of fish. At some point these fish will give you the opportunity to learn almost any new technique. 

The California Delta's main forages are different sunfish species, crawfish, shiners, and birds. However, these hungry Delta bass will try and eat anything that swims their way including: baby stripers, rats, minks, other bass, and anything else that swims, crawls, or flies. 

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